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Revive Therapeutics offers individual and family
therapy customized to the needs of our clients in
central Connecticut though telehealth or in-personapproaches.


Individual Therapy

A joint process between a therapist and an individual in therapy that allows an individual to explore their thoughts and feelings.  Common goals of therapy can be to improve quality of life and to inspire change.

Couples/Family Therapy

A type of therapy where a therapist works with couples and families gain insight into their relationships, resolve conflict and improve relationship satisfaction utilizing a variety of therapeutic interventions.

Trauma Therapy

Aimed at treating the emotional and mental health consequences of trauma experienced by an individual by eliminating or reducing symptoms, boosting day to day functioning, and regaining personal power.

About Us

Revive Therapeutics is an outpatient mental health clinic serving individuals and
families struggling with an array of mental health issues. Our team of mental
health professionals is dedicated to enhance the lives of all individuals. We
strive to create a safe non-judgmental environment for all of our clients. We use
an integrative approach to therapy so clients can experience a more complete
healing through personalized care and support which meets each client where
they are in their own healing journey.


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