Hello! I’m Cheryl

Licensed Therapist

Hello!  My name is Cheryl Plank, LCSW and I am a psychotherapist in private practice in South Windsor, CT.  Whether this is your first time seeking therapy or you’ve had experience in the past, reaching out for help can be a daunting task.  My goal as a therapist is to help you feel relaxed and comfortable sharing your story and to create a non-judgmental space where we can work through whatever it is that is keeping you from living as your best self.  I enjoy working with a wide range of individuals, however, I specialize in those who have a history of trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence and those who struggle with emotional and behavioral issues. 


I have been working in the mental health field since 2009 and have experience in a wide variety of settings including community mental health, school, and in-home services.  I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Post University and a Masters of Social Work from Walden University.


Where will your story take you next?  Let’s work together to design your best life!

Hello! I’m Courtney

Licensed Therapist

Hi! I’m Courtney, LCSW and I work with adults who are feeling overwhelmed with life, who are
frustrated in their relationships, or are just plain exhausted. Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Something’s off but I can’t pinpoint it.
  • I have a hard time saying “no” to people.
  • I feel guilty about resting or taking time for myself.
  • I take care of everyone, but no one really takes care of me.
  • My brain won’t shut off. I worry all the time, about everything.
  • I don’t feel good about myself.
  • I’m exhausted at home/work.
  • “I’m fine” might mean “I’m exhausted,” “I’m not ok,” “I need help” but I don’t know how to say
  • I feel overwhelmed, stuck, and disconnected.


You might feel weighed down by the stress of everyday life, unmotivated, but you’re still pushing through, right? Or you’re so anxious that your heart races and your mind is all over the place; you can’t settle and relax. When you’re not feeling your best, it’s hard to handle life, never mind enjoy life. What if you can prioritize yourself and not feel guilty? Or feel that you can put your to-do list down and really relax instead? How about knowing how to express your feelings so that you’re heard AND supported by your friends and family?


Things don’t have to be so hard. I can help you understand why you’re feeling like this, use Brainspotting to process those emotions and experiences and feel better.


Let’s talk about working together!


Give me a call at 860-494-3800.

Hi, I’m Jenn!

Licensed Therapist

I believe even during our greatest challenges, we can create meaningful and lasting change. I
value developing an honest, humanistic relationship with my clients that allows us to challenge shame, fear, and depression as symptoms rather than defining factors of who we are. I utilize DBT, CBT, Narrative therapy, and inner child-work to assess the core beliefs we may have about our worth and ability to succeed that, if unchecked, can lead to self-sabotage and repeating cycles. Together, we will balance the heavy emotional work with levity, gratitude, and laughter, and get to the root of what is important for you.

I work with individuals 16+ on a variety of topics: gender and sexuality challenges, social
anxiety, life transitions (family, career, college), mood disorders, trauma, boundaries and
communication, and Autism Spectrum. I hold a B.S. in Social Work, B.A. in Psychology, and
Masters of Social Work from the University of Saint Joseph. Outside of work I have passions in
geology, poetry, and gaming, and spend too much time spoiling my pet rabbit.

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